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Illinois, we need to live within our means

For 40 years, Mike Madigan has been in charge of Illinois. Martwick has voted for Madigan for Speaker every opportunity he has had. I will stand up to Madigan, and I will not vote for him for Speaker. It is time for Madigan to go, and to make that happen, we need to replace Robert Martwick. I am running to end his reign and change the culture that he has created in Springfield.


Taxed to Death

Working families earning $100,000 annually are stuck paying an additional $1,200 in State Income Tax this year thanks to machine incumbents like Robert Martwick and Mike Madigan.

A 32% state income tax increase to 4.95%, the highest property taxes in the nation, the highest sales taxes in the nation, a ridiculous beverage tax, city vehicle stickers, state license plate stickers, rising taxes on water bills. They all add up to Illinois being the highest-taxed state in the nation, with mediocre public schools to show for it. Chicago, Norridge, and Harwood Heights tax-payers deserve better.

As your State Representative,

  • I pledge to vote for legislation to bring our state income tax back down from 4.95% to 3%.
  • I pledge to support a bill that would stop counties and cities from taxing specific goods, such as the unfair Cook County Beverage Tax.
  • I will vote for a 1% hard cap on property taxes. Property taxes on a $300,000 home should not exceed $3,000
  • I will fight for tax credits for hard-working families that sacrifice to send their children to private schools.
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Ammie Kessem is Pro-Union

Ammie is a Chicago Police Officer and proud member of FOP Local 7 and the Chicago Police Sergeant Association, PBPA. She is a strong supporter of unions, especially trade unions, which have been the backbone of the American Economy for a century.

In strong opposition to the Governor on this issue, Ammie opposes so-called Right to Work laws as interfering with the free exchange of private contracts between two groups. Under Right to Work, the Free-Rider problem allows all members the full benefits of union representation without having to pay dues.

Ammie also recognizes that many union members are against their dues being used to fund politicians who don’t share their values. Especially the politicians who vote to seize their hard-earned income through increased taxes along with the reallocation (or theft) of their pension funds.

In short, Right to Work is not good for the working class of Illinois. A better way to attract new businesses to Illinois would be to lower the small business tax-rate back down from 7% to 5.25% and to reform Workers Comp laws to crack down on abuse.

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Career Politicians – Term Limits

Robert Martwick, Mike Madigan, and Joe Berrios are living large, pulling in multiple incomes on top of pensions for part-time work. In the meantime for us regular folks, the cost of living and taxes are increasing much faster than our incomes.

Machine politicians like Robert Martwick should not be handed hereditary offices. And leveraging a political office for personal financial gain is a breach of the public trust. State legislators should be limited to six years in public office.

As your State Representative,

  • I will support term limits for all elected offices in Illinois.
  • I will expose those who profit from their political office and abuse the public’s trust.
  • I will call for an end to pensions for state legislators

Wasteful Spending

Illinois carries far too many overpaid executives, directors, deputy directors, “consultants” and other bloated overhead positions. There is very little accountability in our state spending which leads to problems of waste, fraud, and abuse. When we waste tax payer money, we end up short-changing those most in need. And we underfund our city, county, and state pensions, putting retirees at risk.

Here are just a few examples of wasteful spending at the state level which should be cut immediately.

  • $5 million for the Illinois state fair
  • $2.26 million on cable TV for inmates
  • $2.37 million for the construction of a 3-D downtown cinema in Granite City
  • $750,000 on a new government shrubbery program
  • $200,000 to Shawnee Bluffs Canopy Tour Inc. for the development of “eco-friendly customized zip lines”
  • $9,941 for Springfield Park District bobbleheads
  • $20,489 to Swine-time Pig Racing in Rock Island County

Illinois, we need to live within our means.

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